Going cashless: The benefits

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Customer uses phone contactless payment

With the COVID-19 virus spreading across the world, there has been a greater push for businesses to support cashless transactions, due to the health risks associated with the exchange of cash.

From credit cards to smartwatches, the number of cashless payment methods has increased dramatically. While some are still sceptical of this shift, it has proven to be beneficial for both customers and businesses alike.

As a customer, using a cashless method to pay for your products allows you to reduce your time at the checkout, as you don’t have to spend your precious time counting your cash or waiting for someone else to count theirs. It also makes paying for things a lot simpler, as all you must remember to do is either ‘swipe or tap’. Finally, you avoid the safety concerns associated with keeping cash on hand, as with cashless payment methods it’s a lot harder for an unauthorised individual to get access to your money as there are numerous security procedures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen.

As a business owner, going cashless increases efficiency. Aside from reducing the points of human contact, there are fewer areas in your value chain where errors can occur as fewer people are involved in the process. Having less cash on hand reduces both storage costs and security risks. Also, embracing digital payment methods allows you to keep more consistent records of your business transactions, as the process is entirely automatic and occurs at the moment of purchase.

Overall, going cashless is the right choice for any business that’s wanting to satisfy its customers and improve its performance. It’s a win-win, both for your health and your business.

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